Bryan Meyer
Head Coach
Coach Brian
Head Coach
I am Coach Brian, and I come from the northeast sports world. I have been working in the sports, fitness, and recreation field for over 20 years. I am a certified trainer and sports nutritionist with a BS degree in Sports Management and Recreation from Springfield College.

I started playing soccer in the YMCA and continued up through Rec Leagues, Travel Leagues, Indoor Leagues, High School and College. I continue to play in a Men’s Soccer League in Jupiter. I played all positions on the field but I enjoy playing defense the most. I coached several teams in the North Palm Beach Recreation Soccer league for all 4 age groups.

Ignite Sports allows me to teach and coach skills through a variety of drills and games. The best part is watching the everyone improve from week to week. People learn best from imitation and by showing them in a fun and creative way. Being able to make activities more inclusive is a great way to teach and have a successful program.
Coach Emiliano
Head Coach
Hello, I am Coach Emiliano or "Coach E". I was born in Mexico but I've been living in the USA since 2015, I've been a fan of sports since a very young age and I have practiced sports like soccer, tennis and golf in a competitive level. I was also a trainee on a Dutch ship where I did community service with kids from all around the world and I also learned the importance of discipline and team work. 

My goal at Ignite sports is to teach a good sportsmanship and for the kids to practice sports in a fun but healthy way and to get the best out of them in every session. 
Coach Scott
Head Coach
I am Coach Scott, and I have enjoyed sports and working out my entire life. I grew up playing soccer from elementary through high school where I also competed in indoor and outdoor track.

After college, I joined the U.S. Army where I learned the right and wrong ways to train and motivate individuals and teams. While serving, I played soccer, flag football and rugby on my unit and/or post teams. I also attended many grueling courses designed to test you both physically and mentally which allowed me to learn a lot from them and about myself, too. After eight deployments, I understood the importance of not only physical fitness but also mental toughness.

After 22 years, I decided it was time to try something different, so I retired from the Army and am now working at Ignite Sports passing on what I have learned. I am a NIRSA Flag Football Certified Referee.
Coach TJ
Head Coach
I am Coach TJ.  I have lived in Florida my whole life. I've been a sports fanatic from a very young age. I played soccer my whole life and at 6 years-old I started playing on a competitive travel team. I played travel soccer at the highest level ever since as well as in middle school, high school, and Olympic Development Programs. I also trained in a variety of other sports such as Mixed Martial Arts, Golf, Track, and Football to name a few.

I have worked with kids from a very young age as well. I started at my local church as a camp leader and continued to do for 4 years. I have also coached many elite-level soccer camps throughout Florida.

Now working for Ignite Sports, I can truly teach the next generation of athletes and help many players reach their potential. Watching as players improve and build confidence is truly inspiring. Every player learns at their own speed and in their own way and helping them is my goal.
Jess Lopez
Head Coach
Stephen Kisslinger
Head Coach
My name is Stephen Kisslinger (my friends and teammates call me "kiss" my players call me "coach Kiss") I was born in upstate NY and am the youngest of 3. I played just about every sport growing up, but gravitated towards Lacrosse , BMX and Skiing. I became obsessed with strength and conditioning for my preparation to compete in my favorite sports. After graduating from high school I went on to play Lacrosse at Towson University in Baltimore MD. Our team played against University of North Carolina for the NCAA division 1 National Championship in Lacrosse. I was a 2 times ALL-American in college and went on to play 10 years of Pro-Lacrosse (BOX and Field) During my prime I played Box Lacrosse in Canada for the Victoria Shamrocks 1999 MANN Cup Champion. While I currently officiate both youth and High School Lacrosse and moved up to the NILOA=College Lacrosse official as well as the assistant coach at Benjamin HS in Palm Beach Gardens. My passion is training and coaching young players to prepare for the next level utilizing Strength, Balance, Flexibility, skill development, imagination to develop into whatever their goal is. My specialty in lacrosse is anything associated with Long -Stick play (checking, stick-handling, shooting/passing scooping/catching etc...) as well as Face off and goalie play. I look forward to helping Ignite Sports Center in Jupiter Florida build the best indoor/outdoor lacrosse training facility in the county, state etc.