Indoor Sessions
Ignite Sports classes open for homeschool children or virtual learners. These gym classes are split into two age groups of 4-7 and 8-12 years old and will run for 4 weeks at our Ignite Sports indoor location in Jupiter, FL. This month we are featuring the Ninja Warrior classes.
Multi Sport
The multi-sport program is perfect for children who like a variety of games and want to try them all. This is a 6-week program that will feature a new activity in each class. The activities are (in random order) T-ball, soccer, flag football, kickball, dodge ball & an obstacle course challenge.

Children learn about sportsmanship and the values necessary to be successful in sports and on a team.
Ninja Warrior
Ignite Ninja Warrior is a great time for all those aspiring ninjas. The 4 week session is an all-around full body obstacle course workout for the children without them knowing they are working out. The ninjas work on running, climbing, swinging, balance and coordination. The courses changes each week with different obstacles or new ways to maneuver through previous obstacles. The ninjas will encounter balance beams, ninja slack line, monkey bars, rock wall and many other challenges throughout the session. Whether your child is a budding sport star or a video-game fanatic, we know how to turn them into the next ninja warrior.

The program is non-competitive (ninjas try to beat their previous times and not times of others) and fun. We don't force the children to do any obstacle they don't want or climb higher than they feel comfortable. Coaches are encouraging and understanding.

There are a limited number of slots per session and they fill up very fast so sign up now to reserve your spot !
Play Out of the Blox
Indoor Soccer in Jupiter
T-Ball is the ideal starter baseball game for young children. It is played with a plastic bat, whiffle ball, and hitting tee. The children get used to the equipment and rules of the game of baseball.

We teach the children the fundamentals of how to catch, throw, hit, and run the bases making them "baseball team ready". During the sessions, they are taught the skills needed in T-Ball and then use them in fun games. After they get the skills down, we start them playing small games. This is not a league but a learning and skills development program.

Children learn about sportsmanship and the values necessary to be successful in sports and on a team.
Youth Fitness