Adult Softball Supplemental Rules

Rosters will be onsite for all managers to view, make changes and sign in new players.  All players MUST be 18 years old to participate in our leagues.


All Leagues:

  1. Leagues will be played under NSA Official Rules as well as Ignite Sports Supplemental Rules.
  2. Teams will play10 games.  Tournament may be included as part of the 10 games depending on the number of teams. The number of teams to qualify for the tournament is determined by the number of teams in the league or division.  All teams may NOT make it into the tournament.  May ONLY be the Top 4 or Top 6 depending on how many teams in a group.
  3. Games will have a 70-minute time limit or 7 innings whichever comes first. No new inning may start once time has expired.
  4. All Games will use a Strike Mat.  If the pitched ball meets height requirements (6’min-10’max from the ground) and hits any part of the mat shall be called a strike.  Any pitch not hitting the mat, including ones that hit any part of home plate will be called a ball. 
  5. Umpires will keep track of Official Game time. 
  6. Only team managers or designated representative if manager is absent should talk to the umpire or site supervisor if there is a question regarding a call, rule or dispute. 
  7. Teams can carry up to 20 players on a Roster.  All players must sign and show ID prior to their first game.  
  8. Players can only play on one team in a division. (Men’s  D(Upper, Middle or Lower) and Coed) No “A” player permitted in any league.
  9. Ignite Sports Staff reserves the right to conduct random ID checks at any time.
  10. Protesting illegal players MUST be brought to the attention of the Umpire and/or the Site Supervisor BEFORE the 1st pitch of the Top of the 2nd inning.  Games will be automatic forfeit if team does have a non-roster player. 

Games CANNOT be challenged after the 1st official pitch of the 2nd inning per umpire. 

  1. Rosters will freeze after the mid-way point of the season or designated date on schedule. In order to add players teams must be below 12 players.  Teams will only be allowed no more than 12 players the remainder of the season.
  2. Teams cannot add players for playoffs.
  3. Game time is Forfeit time. Any team that forfeits 3 games in a season is subject to removal from the league.  Any remaining games will result in a forfeit win (7-0) for the opposing team.  A grace period may be given if site supervisor, umpire and managers all agree.  Clock will still start at game time. 
  4. All Games will be considered official after 3 1/2 -4 innings of play
  5. Teams are encouraged to have team uniform with visible numbering.  No offensive material!
  6. Jewelry:  Necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets (except medical alert ones), wrist watches, and rings (except wedding bands) must be removed.  If unable then it must be taped. 
  7. Teams may start and end with minimum number of players - 8
  8. Teams can bat up to 12 players.  Any of the 12 may play defense. 
  9. Re-Entry Rule: Players MAY NOT re-enter the game once they have been substituted for in the line-up.  Substitutions are permanent.  The only circumstance that it may apply would be due to injury at the discretion of the umpire or Ignite Staff.  
  10. Pitchers can start up to 2 ft. behind the pitching rubber.  One foot must be touching the rubber when the ball is pitched.
  11. Pitching Nets must remain in the upright position at all times.  Players are NOT allowed to knock them down. 
  12. Pitchers may move the net as follows.  It must be in between the 2 pitching rubbers at all times. One of the legs MUST be 1/3 on the length of the pitching rubber.  The umpire will have the final say. 
  13. Pitchers may move the net into legal position before the umpire calls for the first pitch of that half inning.  Once the first pitch has been thrown the net MUST remain there until the next batter. 
  14. Pitchers may move in any direction after they pitch to field a ball so as long as they do not contact the pitching net.  If they do the batter will be awarded the base. 
  15. Orange safety base (1st Base) will be used.
  16. Batters will start with a 1-1 count. No extra foul
  17. Bunting or Chopping down is not allowed.
  18. No Metal Spikes are allowed.  Rubber molded cleats only.
  19. Sliding is permitted in Men’s League.  Runners must do everything possible to avoid contact with an infielder.
  20. Home team must keep official scorebook/card. Umpires will verify each half inning. If scoring issue and home team does not have a book the umpire will defer to visitors if they have one.  Both teams are encouraged to keep Scorebooks and check between innings.  There will be an official scoreboard behind home plate attached to the fence.
  21. Teams will be allowed only 1 Courtesy Runner per inning.  The runner will be the LAST person called out unless there are no outs teams then it will be the LAST PERSON in the batting order.  This person will replace ONLY 1 base runner during this inning.  He or she CANNOT run in place of multiple players in a single inning. The courtesy runner will replace the current batter/runner ONLY in this inning.  You CANNOT use it to replace a player already standing on another base (i.e. 2nd base).   The only time a 2nd Courtesy Runner may be used is due to an injury which will be at the Umpire’s decision. 
  22. If a batter hits the pitching net 1st time will be a strike, 2nd time the batter is automatically out.
  23. There will be a run rule for all games.  A game will be called if a team is ahead by 20 runs after 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings and 10 runs after 5 innings. The 10 Run Rule is in affect for all games including Playoffs and Championship Games. Time Limit will be waived championship games.
  24. No Illegal Bats - Umpires may ask to check a bat at any point in the game. Senior bats used by those 55 and older.
  25. Home Run Rules - D Division – 3 and 1 up with max of 5.  1up does not apply in bottom half of 7th or last official inning per umpire.  Exceeding a team’s home run limit, will be scored as an out. HIT and SIT applies.
  26. All teams will retrieve or attempt to retrieve any HR or Foul ball your team hits. Umpires and site supervisor can stop game for teams to get a ball and the clock will still run. 
  27. If a game is tied after the 70 minutes or 7 innings, the extra inning will start as follows:  Team at bat will place the LAST OUT on 2nd base.  Batters will receive 1 pitch.      
  28. Rainouts - Teams will be notified as soon as possible.  We will also post on website and Facebook as well.  Games will be made up in order at the end of the schedule.  
  29. Staff will take the player’s temperature using a No-Touch Thermometer when they sign the roster.
  30. Dugouts will NOT be used, Teams will either use the bleachers, area directly behind dugout or area on outside of fence directly to left or right of field entrance using distancing.  Only Rostered players.
  31. All players will place their equipment along the fence or in the bleacher 6ft apart from each other.
  32. The batting team will be allowed the following on the field: First Batter in order at the plate and 3 on deck batters inside of the marked areas that are distanced at least 6ft apart. 
  33. Teams are encouraged to wait in parking area or designated spectator areas until their game time.
  34. Teams will use the 12 balls provided by Ignite Sports.  Once they run out teams will then provide their own with the same specifications (375, .44 core).  All balls used will need to be sanitized before the game. 
  35. Ignite Sports will make sure that all players head to the parking area as soon as possible once the games ends to limit player to player contact with incoming teams.
  36. REMEMBER these are Recreational Leagues





  1. Managers/Coaches are responsible for controlling the actions of their players and fans.
  2. Highly recommended that spectators Not attend. Managers will tell all players that any spectator that decides to stay should sit/stand along the outfield fence areas to limit overcrowding and practice safe social distancing.
  3. Only team members are allowed on the team bench.  No Children or pets are allowed.
  4. Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind will not be tolerated and subject to suspension by League.
  5. No foul language. Possible ejection.
  6. Alcohol consumption is NOT permitted anywhere on park premises (parking lot, dugout, field, and surrounding areas).  Suspensions will be enforced.  Law Enforcement will be on site.  If an Ignite Staff member or Umpire see any open containers teams will be subject to forfeiting that game. 
  7. Excessive Bleeding Policy - Participants bleeding, or with an open wound, or has excessive amount of blood on his or her uniform must leave the playing field or event.  They may not return until the bleeding has stopped, or the wound covered and bandaged, or the uniform has been changed.
  8. Any player ejected from any game will automatically miss their next scheduled game.  Players may be suspended further at the discretion of the League Director.
  9. Suspensions will be determined by League Director.  Input will be given by umpires from that game, Site Supervisor, and coaches.
  10. All protests must be submitted in writing within 48 hrs. of the end of the game.


Standings: Tie Breakers Order


  1. Win/Loss Record                                 
  2. Head to Head Record                          
  3. Head to Head Runs For/Against
  4. All League Games Runs For/Against
  5. Coin Flip